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For any business to work you need consumers. When the consumers find value in your business they will go on and recommend it to others. However, we see many businesses struggling to find their target audience. Usually, they use the Self-Serving Platform for marketing but it fails to gather the right crowd. The number of customers won’t increase if the product doesn’t reach the right crowd. These are the businesses we take in as clients and help them reach their set target.

What we do differently.

Here at TunicaLabs, we have a Marketing team that knows how to recognize a problem and deal with it. When we work with a client struggling to find their audience, we look at all they have tried so far and where they are lacking. We keep our focus on increasing the number of customers for our clients and generating ROI for them. We realized that if we want to reach a larger audience we need to make use of more than one platform. So we take the help of platforms like Emailers, SMS, Affiliate Partners, Programmatic, Taboola, Outbrain, and Facebook.

Monthly additions

It’s important to maintain a pace. This is why we focus on gradual development. We add 10-15 publishers every month on our platform or list to maintain quality and quantity. By limiting our list we get to pick only the most genuine publishers for our platform. We aim to provide good services to our clients and so we keep our focus on mobile and Emailers publishers. A premium inventory that fits all the needs of our clients is what we usually look for.

In-house campaign

Being self-sufficient is extremely important for any business. We have a strong in-house delivery system where we will be able to run our own campaigns. An internal system with DSP and CPD that promotes the clients’ products while generating more ROI is the crux of our business and how we generate business for our clients.

Going International

We have been working with a lot of international clients. It’s important in such situations to have a proper team that will deliver these international campaigns for these brands. It’s also about expanding our reach and giving these brands a bigger platform. Marketing is evolving and if we don’t evolve without it we might get left behind. So our plans include creating a space for the international brands so that they can connect with markets all over the globe.

We aim to solve all marketing-related problems of our clients. Those struggling to find their proper audience want to bridge that gap for them. We hope with our innovative efforts our clients find exactly what they were looking for.

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