I’m Anil Kolekar

, the Director and also one of the Co-Founders of TunicaLabs Media. My co-founder and I built this organization for people like us. We saw a blank spot in the marketing and technology space and thought ‘If nobody else is doing it, let’s do it ourselves.’

Anil Kolekar


You see I’ve always been passionate about doing something meaningful and creating a space for people like me. With this organization, I got to not only seize the opportunity presented to me but also got to create new opportunities for people around me. Running a successful business isn’t just about the profits, it’s a bunch of small victories, creating a good working environment, and doing what you always aimed to do. It’s about our personal growth along with the growth of our people and our business.

Being a leader I also understand the importance of having a proper balance between work and fun. You can't create anything to your full potential if you are overworking yourself. It’s important to take breaks and do something you enjoy for a change. My work breaks usually look like road trips and sports. Who doesn’t like traveling? It’s the best refresher anyone could have. A change of scenery is all you need to get a change of perspective. I have been planning a trip to Himachal for quite some time now. Hopefully by the time you’re reading this I have memories to share from that trip. I also mentioned sports. I watch my fair share of cricket but I also play some occasional cricket. Again, something I grew up doing, and it’s always nice to hang on to these old favorites. Cricket isn’t the only sport though, I’m also surprisingly good at table tennis and if I find a worthy opponent I will definitely be up for a match.