Hi! I’m

Kazi Abdur Rakib

, and I’m part of the Software Development team at TunicaLabs Media. I did my Bachelor’s in Software Engineering from the Anhui University of Technology, and that and my passion for IT and learning new skills landed me this job in TunicaLabs.

Kazi Abdur Rakib


If you’d asked a younger version of me what he wanted to be when he grew up he’d say he wants to be a Cricketer. I loved playing cricket as much as I enjoyed watching it. You’d often find me tuned in to the latest match especially if Bangladesh was playing. I was so fascinated by cricket that I had really thought I would pursue it as a career. Those dreams didn't last too long though, as I found my passion in IT.

As much as I love testing myself and expanding my skill set, there is one flaw I’ve carried with me till now and that is I lack self-confidence. I overthink things and question my abilities more often than not. For a person who has no phobias, I do fear failure quite a bit. But to counter the lack of self-confidence I have plenty of patience to go around. Now I’m just holding onto that patience and hoping that being patient will lead me to gain the confidence I need.