I'm Kushal Vardhan

, and I hold a Bachelor's degree in BTech with a specialization in Computer Science. Currently, I'm on an exciting journey as a Software Developer Trainee and Intern at TunicaLabs Media. Beyond the realm of coding, I find joy in outdoor activities like playing Badminton and riding my bike.

Kushal Vardhan


My first paying job involved mentoring students in Math and Science, instilling a passion for learning in young minds. When it comes to music, I have a soft spot for the melodies of Soft Indian tunes, which never fail to soothe the soul.

Recently, I embarked on a spiritual journey to the serene Kamrunag Temple in Mandi and the mystical Jatayu Temple in Kerala. While I don't have any pets to share stories about, I do relish Mandyali Dhaam.

My taste buds have a particular fondness for Rajma Chawal, a classic comfort food that never disappoints. Beyond work and play, I'm passionate about enhancing my communication skills, a valuable asset in today's interconnected world.

When I'm not coding or on the badminton court, you'll often find me spending quality time with my family and friends. I'm more of a morning bird, cherishing the moments that come with the dawn of a new day.

While there are no specific fears or phobias to report, I'm always striving to improve my communication abilities, recognizing the value it holds in my future endeavors.

Now, a little glimpse into my childhood: I once held the position of a Kitchen Supervisor at the Royal Enclave Hotel when I was just 16 years old. Despite my youthful naivety, I took on the challenge and gained valuable life lessons from the experience. One memorable incident from those days involved a mix-up between an alcoholic drink and an ice cream!

Looking ahead, my aspirations include pursuing a career as a successful businessman, aiming high in the world of entrepreneurship.