Hi, I’m

Lalit Bagul

. I work in the Marketing department of TunicaLabs Media. Before joining Tunica I did a few other jobs in the marketing and communications space. All of that taught me quite a bit about building good relationships with the customers and evolving to be better.

Lalit Bagul



I didn’t always think I would end up being in marketing. Like many children, my dreams were big back then. Being an astronaut seemed like the coolest thing and nobody else around me was doing it. But soon enough I had to land on the ground and think more realistically about my career. After a lot of trial and error, I found something I enjoyed doing and something I was also good at. So now this is what I do.

Something that relaxes me out of work is music. I enjoy my fair share of classic old songs; the new ones just sound like noise to me. It is always good to play a good old tune to fill the white noise and maybe even sing along a bit. Music makes everything better. Driving a car with the radio playing is fun but even the traffic becomes bearable when a good tune is playing. Just like old classic songs, I enjoy watching old classic movies. I believe they are going downhill now in terms of evolution.