Hello I’m

Md Pervej Hossain

and I work in the Software Development Team at Tunicalabs Media. When I first joined the team, I was yet to finish my Diploma in Engineering. So, at the time I was clearing my finals as well as working as an Intern with a dedicated team. Before this, the only working experience I had was a fun little sales job I did at 19.

Md Pervej Hossain



As a kid, I didn’t think I’d be an Engineer. I was much more interested in the medical field, but becoming a doctor didn’t seem possible at the time. I had much more support from my family and people around me about my decision to study engineering. I haven’t regretted that decision so far, I’m only eagerly waiting to see where it leads me in the future. As passionate as I am about my future, I do enjoy fun activities like travelling, hanging out with friends, watching web series or movies, and reading books. Very recently I travelled to Padma River with my friends for a fun picnic kind of day. We played football by river, and even enjoyed a nice swim in the cold water. For lunch we had fresh Hilsa fry with white rice. It was the kind of day you want every day to be. I am bad at making new friends so the once I have, they’re the only people I usually hang out with. When I’m not feeling up to have an outing, I will stay home catch up on a good web series or some movie. The most recent show I watched was Shadow and Bone and it’s the nest thing you’ll watch on Netflix this month. Eagerly waiting for season 2!