Hello, I’m

Muneer Puri

, a BCA and MCA graduate from Himachal Pradesh University. Here at TunicaLabs Media, I work in the Software Development Team. I didn’t think I had much interest in the IT sector before getting this wonderful opportunity. Now I’m enjoying the job quite a bit!

Muneer Puri



When I’m not working, I usually travel, maybe visit some of my family. I have a brother who lives in Chandigarh who I visit often. In fact, the last place I went to was probably Chandigarh (doesn’t matter when you’re reading this). So unless I have a long week off I won’t have any solid travel plans. The one place I want to visit is Andaman, so let’s see when that plan comes to life.

Traveling is obviously an outdoor fun activity, so for indoors I have video games. I’ll warn you that I take video games very seriously and if you play against me chances are you’ll probably lose. I say that with such confidence because back in my college days, I secured 1st prize in Counter-Strike and Tekken Tag Tournament during our college fest. So unless you are okay with losing you shouldn’t challenge me.