Hi, my name is

Nidhi Chugh

. I currently work in the Marketing Team at TunicaLabs Media but before that, I had a lot of teaching jobs. Trying to find my passion and place in the world, I did an MBA. Working in marketing is immensely different from working with students but I still find joy in it.

Nidhi Chugh



Earlier I mentioned that I was a teacher for a living. It was in fact my first ever job. After my 12th I started teaching school children. That’s when I knew I enjoyed teaching. I did my training and climbed my way up to become an engineering college professor. I was a professor at the engineering college up until I thought of doing something else that was when I started my career at Tunica. But I can definitely say that teaching young minds taught me a lot about perspective. I learned to question beliefs. There are no better skeptics than children. I’ve always been someone who easily believes in people so that I’m trying to change now. To tell a little bit more about myself. I love traveling and I am planning a trip to Dubai this next year. I’ve heard quite a lot about the place and it has been on my bucket list for quite some time now. So hopefully I will get to go on that trip. As for a trip within our country I want to see Shimla. It would make sense to go in the cold weather so that I can experience the snowfall. Other than traveling I also enjoy cooking. In fact, I make really good Vada Sambar.