Hello, my name is

Rakhee Alawane

and I’m part of the Marketing Team at TunicaLabs Media. I did a Postgraduate Diploma in Management before joining as an Affiliate Marketing member at Tunica. As much as I enjoy working I have a lot of hobbies and passions to talk about.

Rakhee Alawane



As many have already said you can never get enough of traveling. Due to the pandemic, I haven’t been able to travel anywhere far but I still enjoyed a little trip to my native place recently. Kolhapur is a place for anyone who loves nature. The trip there not only brought me closer to my family but also closer to nature. Another trip I have been planning for a while is Leh Ladakh. The jeep ride is obviously on my bucket list but there is basically everything else too. I want the full experience of Leh Ladakh someday.

Other than traveling I am also pretty athletic. I enjoy playing basketball and when it comes to supporting a team Los Angeles Lakers is definitely my go-to choice. Growing up playing sports teaches you a lot about discipline and hard work. How development and improvement aren't one-day goals to achieve. There’s a lot of perseverance and patience involved. I’m glad to have taken all the roads I did that got me where I am today. And in this life’s journey, I hope to keep taking the right roads for me.