Hi, this is

Shraddha Jadhav

, and Tunicalabs Media has been a brand-new experience for me! I’ve always been interested in Research so I did my Graduation and then post-graduation in a certification course of AIML. I joined the Data Analysis Team at Tunicalabs Media to gain some fresh experience in the Tech world.

Shraddha Jadhav


I’ll talk about my passion for Research in a moment, but before that let me tell you about one of my hobbies and how I basically became a champion in it. My hobby is chess and I’ve been playing it since I was a kid. After basically defeating everyone around me it was time to move things to another level. I joined the chess.com community just before the pandemic and since then I have been declared champion of a few tournaments. Maybe, someday I will take this further and try out a national-level game.

Now let’s come back to my main passion of research. I want to create a name for myself as a Researcher. Even my first job at Photomath was as a Mathematic Expert/Researcher. Being interested in Maths and Coding I joined their team and provided helpful insights. But if you truly narrow down my interest in research, it all comes down to Space and AI. I’ve been researching space and collecting data for over 3 years now and this has also opened the doors of AI to me. My long-term goal is to write plenty of research papers, get them published, and maybe even invent a thing or two. So, I’ve still got a long way to go!