Hello, I'm

Sugandh Arjun

. If you were wondering who handles the accounts and finance for TunicaLabs Media, it’s me. Before starting at Tunica I used to work at NBS International as an MIS Executive. I believe in constantly growing in your personal and professional life so giving a shot at Tunica was only an obvious decision.

Sugandh Arjun


Growing in professional life is a lot about challenging yourself with new tasks and working within different types of teams. But growth in your personal life comes from whatever you consume and give importance to. I have always enjoyed reading and so I make sure to always have a good read on me wherever I go. I mostly read historical books, to name a few favorites ‘Panipat’ by Vishwas Patil and ‘Sampurna Mahabharat’ by Vyas make the list. Books are also great ice breakers. You just need one person who has read the same ones as you and that’s a friendship made right there.

Generally speaking, I am easy to be friends with. With my love for reading and traveling, I easily find the right people to hang out with. I still am holding on to my plans to travel all of India someday, everything from Himachal to Kerala. I would enjoy the treks, the climbs, as well as the beaches. I say India and not the world because why not start at home! India is full of rich culture and history that it’ll take a lifetime to see it all. A huge hurdle in this plan is my lack of driving skills. If I learn to drive it’ll be very hard to keep me in one place.