Hey, this is

Tejas Kesaria

and I’m a part of the Software Development Team. I did my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from K J Somaiya, then I went on and did a few internships and jobs in the IT and Development sector before landing here at TunicaLabs Media.

Tejas Kesaria


Learning new things, expanding my skill set, and bettering my life has always been something I’ve been passionate about. I scarcely miss out on learning opportunities. Some might even say I have a fear of being in the metaphorical darkness, if I don’t know something, learning it becomes my priority. If there is something I can do to fix a bad situation I am usually ready for it. Even as a kid I always wanted to be someone who could bring some good change to my country. I’m still out here, looking for what I can do to boost India’s development.

Don’t think I’m not fun though! I am always up for an adventure. Someday I might just pick up my stuff and drive off somewhere far away; to explore the unexplored nature. I mean what’s better than a road trip with a loud pop song blasting through the speakers.